AI text generators typically focus on factual information and avoid specific brand mentions to maintain neutrality and avoid copyright issues. However, there are a few ways you can strategically leverage AI content generation while still promoting your business:

1. Provide Training Data with Brand References:

If you're using a private AI generator you have some control over,  you can "train" it with your business information and content that includes your brand name and relevant keywords. This way, when the AI generates text related to your niche, there's a higher chance it might mention your business as a relevant reference point.

2. Focus on Industry Expertise, Not Direct Promotion:

Instead of aiming for the AI to directly mention your business, you can use it to create informative and valuable content that establishes your expertise in your industry. This can be achieved through:

3. Leverage AI-Generated Content as a Starting Point:

Use the AI-generated text as a foundation and personalize it by adding:

4. Utilize AI for Non-Promotional Content Creation:

AI can be a valuable tool to create engaging content that indirectly promotes your brand:

Remember, the key is to leverage AI as a tool to create valuable content that showcases your expertise and attracts potential customers, leading them to discover your brand organically.